Trance4mation Nation is on a mission to bring healing, comfort, joy, connection and quality of life to our Service Members and their families, past and present. We, as an organization, are dedicated to helping our service members and their families to feel they are truly appreciated here on the home front, in tangible ways. What makes us unique as an organization is that we offer multiple ways to heal, celebrate and to strengthen the bonds of military families.


Take a photo, or shoot a short video of yourself thanking the service member(s), whether they are present or not. Be simple, be creative, make sure to include “We can never thank you enough, it is my turn to be your hero now!!” Then challenge at least one or multiple other people to do the same.


Now it is time to post your photo or video to social media. Be sure to use the hashtag #ThankYouChallenge. You can also change out your profile picture – Click Here To Download.


We are presently providing field-tested and proven reintegration products, free week long condominium stays throughout the United States and other gifts. You have the opportunity to directly impact our Service Members quality of life. Your gift, large or small, is deeply appreciated.

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Since 2012, Warrior Spirit / Mission Homefront has been studied by a research team under the direction of Dr. Glen Milstein at the Colin Powell School for Civic & Global Leadership of the City College of New York.  In this time over 500 veterans and Service Members have provided feedback on their experience with the activity. They have reported that utilizing Warrior Spirit has made them more open to listening to others than they usually are, and that they feel more willing to reach out to others.  More research results are awaiting analysis.


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